"Don't strive for perfection. It doesn't exist. Strive for a better you. That is always in reach."

- - - Brett Hoebel


Not everyone who uses English in their business or profession needs the same vocabulary.
Where you need to focus your efforts depends in large part on your native language. A Korean or an Italian faces different issues than a colombiano, argentino or mexicano.
This is why Business English Mastery is not meant to be everything or for everybody. Instead, this site is geared to Spanish speakers. If you are a business person or professional whose first language is Spanish, you don't need to work on pronunciation or grammar errors typically made by Chinese, French, or Germans. If Spanish is your mother language, Business English Mastery is the site for you!

Master the English you need to get that raise or promotion and participate in meetings on ZOOM, Slack or Microsoft Teams with total confidence!!

I am David Luff. I coach Business English Confidence.

"You don't need to be perfectly fluent to succeed in Business English, but self-confidence is essential. The tips, links, and videos on this site, as well as the ebooks and online courses, will help you gain the confidence you need to both master English and create a happy and successful life."

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Our shop is not yet open, but when it is open it will have e-books about Business English, e-books not about English but in English, online courses about Business English, Confidence, Personal Happiness, and much more!!

Our shop will be open soon!

Our shop will be open soon!

I really thought I needed to know everything about the English language before I would feel confident using English.

But the truth is that I don't need to know everything! If I can hold a basic conversation and discuss my software design work with English-speaking clients, that's really all I need to feel like myself when I speak English!

And the more I use English, the more I learn! Thank you, David Luff, for helping me learn that!

Realmente pensé que necesitaba saber todo sobre el idioma inglés antes de sentirme seguro usando el inglés.

¡Pero la verdad es que no necesito saberlo todo! Si puedo mantener una conversación básica y discutir mi trabajo de diseño de software con clientes de habla inglesa, ¡eso es realmente todo lo que necesito para sentirme yo mismo cuando hablo inglés!

¡Y cuanto más uso el inglés, más aprendo! ¡Gracias, David Luff, por ayudarme a aprender eso!

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