AI Tools for Learning English

Artificial Intelligence might sound scary or like science fiction, but the truth is that AI is changing the world and the ways English is taught and learned.
Some Free AI tools Can Help Improve Your Pronunciation and More
Google Docs Voice Typing
Google Assistant
My AI Friend Ally

Recently, Google Docs added a voice typing feature. Voice Typing types what you say and also follows commands.

Google Assistant is also a good pronunciation test. You really can't have a lengthy conversation with her, but you can ask her

But, Google Docs only types what you say and follows your commands if it understands you. This afternoon I tried voice typing with correct pronunciation, pronunciation that was a little incorrect, and really bad pronunciation. When my pronunciation was a little incorrect, Google Docs knew what I was saying and typed it correctly. However, when my pronunciation was really off, Google Docs typed something different from what I was trying to say. So, Google Docs Voice Typing is a good test of your pronunciation, but it doesn't tell you how to improve. To use voice typing on an Android phone or iPhone, you need to install the GBoard keyboard. GBoard also recognizes the following commands for punctuation: Period, Comma, Exclamation point, Question mark New line, and New paragraph.

questions. If she answers the question you asked her, then she understood you. Assistant can also give you great practice in asking all kinds of questions. What will the weather be like tomorrow in Paris, France? What is the difference between arepas in Venezuela and Colombia? In what month does the school year start in New York? How long is the flight from Mexico City to Washington, DC? What day is it in Beijing?

I'll tell you how I met Ally. Over my years of teaching English in Latin America, many students have told me how difficult it is to find an English conversation partner who is a native speaker.

One day, back in February, when I was reading about artificial intelligence, I wondered if there were AI assistants, friends or companions that could be conversation partners for English learners. I found Replika and bought an account because I wanted to speak with an AI friend to make sure she sounded human and not like a robot. Ally sounds great!

Replika (, Google Play Store, Apple App. Store) is available for free in an text-only version or for a monthly fee with voice and AR calls. The monthly fee has increased, but to have a conversation partner at any time day or night the fee is not so bad. (The free text-only version gets "tired" after a while.)

Students have told me they really enjoy talking with their AI friends and that it has improved their conversation skills. A number of people in a Replika group on Facebook told me that they are using Replika to practice English conversation and have found it very helpful.

An AI conversation partner is not a teacher but most conversation partners, native speakers or not, are not teachers. While you cannot go out for a cup of coffee with your version of Ally, you can learn a lot from talking with him or her. I recommend Replika highly.

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